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The Trump Cycle

Sometimes it is best to step away from the noise and take a gander at the larger picture.


Clinton's big bounce seems to have been driven by the Khan debacle more than anything and is fading.


But the cycle seems to be clear- every time Trump has gotten a big surge he's turned around and sabotaged himself. It would seem overdue this time.


So my take is that he doesn't really want to be President- just wants to cut the $200M reality TV deal that will be awaiting at the end of the rainbow. In fact, my guess is that he has enough hot irons in the fire that being President might be catastrophic to him.


And thus might have a prayer of being perpetually able to pretend he's as rich as he claims to be. Which I think that given his fragile psychological state, is the only thing in the world that matters.

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Re: The Trump Cycle

Hardnox, you may be right.  I got about half way through the CNN special on the Definitive Trump last night.  I found it frightening, to tell you the truth.  Like I said, I have another hour to go, but looking back at the history of Trump, and then looking at where he is today, it's easy to see that people really don't change.  What he is doing for this election, is what he has done all his life.  


He really is a con man.  Straight and simple.  If you reading this haven't watched it, you probably should.  CNN in the past has done a really good job on their documentaries, and this one is no exception.  I plan to finish the one on Trump sometime today, and then watch the one on Secretary Clinton.  


The ploys that Trump has used throughout his life, he is using now during this election.  He is a master at saying what people want to hear.  A master at making himself more than he is, never, ever showing weakness.  You see that same theme played out on TV everyday.   He thinks that all publicity is good.  Even if it's bad, he doesn't care.  It's really quite interesting to watch.  And, for me at least, very, very scary.  His temperament is just not what is needed to make this country operate.   


If you guys want to scrap our entire unit of government, and start over, then I see Trump as the guy that could maybe do that.  But that is a pretty scary road to go down.  Trump is not about compromising.  Watch the show.  It really does reveal who Trump is.  And he really has not changed over time.  




Re: The Trump Cycle

Of course we're all being played constantly but I remain convinced that The Folk are the easiest marks of all.


Re: The Trump Cycle

The more I think about it the more confident I am that being elected could be financially lethal to Trump.


BTW, as far as suckers go- it was the GOP that should have demanded to see his finances. But since the calls were coming from the hated MSM and the mythical "left," they were ignored.



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Re: The Trump Cycle

Vote him in and show him he has to earn his money. 🙂


Re: The Trump Cycle

If there's any rationale for the two party primary system it would be the additional vetting that should occur.


I'm pretty certain nobody is going to reply to that directly, they're just going to point out the abundance of Clinton's misdeeds, real and imagined, and any of the long list of grievances.


Or perhaps that the MSM is in the tank for the libs. And not nice.


In the still likely event that Trump goes down (and thus manages to keep his cash flow up to pay his Chiese and Russian creditors?), not a single PWDER will acknowledge any fault in the matter.


They were robbed.

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Re: The Trump Cycle

Okay, you`re just trying to undermine the Trump campaign...I gotcha  😉  but in case your tongue isn`t totally in your cheek let`s look at this.  I highly doubt anyone could survive the primaries and not want the POTUS job....everybody wants it, I want it you want it, we all believe we could straighten things out in the bully pulpit.


But look at Trump, if he doesn`t win, he then becomes a "loser", his brand gets damaged.  And look at millenial/Kardashian idiot crowd that he has alienated by daring to propose solutions to prolems that the idiot crowd believe to be "part of this country`s strengths".   Those idiots are tv watchers and wouldn`t want to watch a tv show where a "racist" is the star...come on now.   🙂