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Senior Advisor

The Trumps are like the Yankees

who get 10x times more press than they deserve.

f.g. came over from Queens a few decades ago and reveled in the tabloid spotlight and later, WWE and reality TV.

But basically there’s a multitude of semi-legit crime families spread across America- some of his biggest backers- they can spot a kindred soul.

But they mostly lay semi-low. Still amazes me that because he was on TV he thought he could ride this thing forever.

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Senior Contributor

Re: The Trumps are like the Yankees

[The Trumps are like the Yankees who get 10x times more press than they deserve.]

There's dumb and then there's dumb.  (Dumb if you only understand whispering)   The winger rag NQX and his winger ag-forum cohorts says Trump gets to much press while posting unknown hundreds of Trump post - same with the ms/l media.

But then who the he-- want's to talk about no accomplishment senile joe? well maybe an ice cream column.  

Funny headline - senile joe / handlers realize kamala is a hotter mess than they are - and the folks are like: no way, who would of thunk it.