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Veteran Advisor

The Truth Hurts....

@cmilligan1958g wrote:

Is that enough Jen?  I have tons more that I can post here. 

You can post as much as you want Millie.  I am sure you are connected enough to the Republicans, that you can secure every possible thing that the Republican Think Tank can come up with. 

How much is true, who knows.   I do know from the jobs and economy aspect, it will take years to get back to where we were, when Trump took office.  All those gains, have been lost.   Not all Trump’s fault to be sure.  

But, like all the things you posted here, Trump loves to take credit for every minuscule item in his presidency.    Nothing is too small, to call it a win.

But, as you’re racking up these minuscule “wins”, it also makes you “responsible”  for the loses.   There - right there - is Trump’s downfall.   NOTHING IS EVER HIS FAULT.   “I claim no responsibility”.  Trump’s words.   I hate to tell you Mr. Bigshot President, everything bad, is laid at your feet.  And YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.  

Speaking of responsible - Trump’s not reading./not listening to/not responding to briefings are a major issue.  THIS IS HIS JOB.   His main keep America safe.  Trump did essentially NOTHING with the early warnings about the virus, he was given.  

I don’t need to go through the rest - we can see how it turned out.  Like any job, one screw up, can kill a lot of atta boys.  

As a bus driver, you could’ve had a perfect driving record for twenty years.  Then one day, you’re a bit tired because you were up doing Republican duties you’ve been assigned, and you miss a stop sign.  A couple of kids are killed.  Others injured.   Your perfect 20 year history, is worthless.   And you’ll never drive a bus again.

This is the point where Trump is now - and he’s now responsible for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEATHS.   Happened on his watch. And he IS responsible.