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The Wall....what it really is about

Good townhall read from Jonah's not about the wall at all...but we all knew that, right?

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Re: The Wall....what it really is about

You’re correct! It is called “distraction”!
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Re: The Wall....what it really is about

What I find funny in the whole wall debate is how players have shifted their positions.  You take Lindsey Graham and Karl Rove to name a couple, they were in the open borders crowd, pre-Trump, now they defend the wall and Trump and have turned into pretty good what`s their story. In the last 2 years did they finally get smart?  I find that hard to believe, because those that wear suits and are on tv regularly telling us how to think seldom change their view points....cause they`re know-it-alls, right?  Or they are playing a role in this great bread & circuses play.  A wall would be great, however in the post-Trump world, who is going to control the handle on the doors?   Or if radicals are in charge, they might make a big deal symbolically "knocking down the wall, kind of a reverse of a good thing like the Berlin wall coming down.


Jonah Goldberg, is probably a guy I would agree 85% of the time on, however on immigration issues, I have a feeling we part company very quickly. Here is a comment from one of the readers of the article :


Jonah, you’re a hack Never Trump sore loser who is staring into an abyss of irrelevancy. At least try to go out with some class.   


Maybe I wouldn`t be that harsh with someone that I agree with 85% of the time, but the comment does get straight to the point   Smiley Happy



In parting, here`s a little joke I heard yesterday.  Walls work!  The great wall of China has stood hundreds of years and to this day China does not have a Mexican problem.   Smiley Happy

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Re: The Wall....what it really is about

It's not a distraction to those who have had family and friends robbed murdered, and rapped by ILLEGAL aliens coming across an unsecured border.