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The Wave pt. II

Plotline for a novel/screenplay


In a not too distant future America, the NIH has been privatized and largely works on high profit potential projects such as ED and Feel Better drugs.


Decent interventional medicine still exists in the suburban rings around major cities but in rural and inner city areas has been replaced by Amway Health Stores where "consumers" can purchase supplements to treat their maladies- or buy them from their neighbors who are distributors..


One day, large numbers of children in a charter elementary school in Dallas suddenly develop high fevers and within days most are dead. Over the coming days, the mystery disease pops up in suburbs across the country as air travelers return home and quickly spreads to urban and rural areas.


All travel is halted and the financial economy collapses. Essential services increasingly go dark.


In an emergency meeting, the New Zealand cabinet votes to deny landing to the flock of private jets carrying global elites who have prepared survival compounds there. The pilots attempt to make it to Australia but are met with the same- they run out of fuel and plunge into the sea. Two that try to land anyway are shot down well offshore.


A few people are isolated enough that they are not infected and approximately 1 in 20 survives and carries immunity.


Meanwhile in the midst of the chaos, one government researcher becomes aware that Native American populations are virtually unaffected.......

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Ch 2

......suspicion falls on a clandestine laboratory in Wasilla IA that was run by two rogue genius brothers.


The working theory is that they had been secretly perfecting a race specific bioweapon but accidently used the contents of vial A instead of B. A hazmat team discovers their decomposed bodies.....

Re: Ch 3

.......Elizabeth Warren succumbs, thus inspiring a 3 day non-stop celebration at Fox News which has been proven right about Pocahontas.

Re: Ch 3

Pres. Krump also proves immune and has assembled a skeleton cabinet in DC.


A couple of brave and attractive (and romantiallsy interested) young Native American doctors undertake a bold plan to obtain a DNA sample from the President and then undertake a harrowing journey across the chaotic country in order to compare the DNA with some stored in a vault at Area 51 in NM........

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Re: The Wave pt. II

You sure have a vivid imagination Nox!

Re: The Wave pt. II

That's why they call it fiction- but it requires some basis in fact and the considerations about stripping out public health resources and research on possible pandemics  are valid- at least in the minds of those lyin' scientists who just want more grant money.


Sorta like those Pro Lifers cutting funding for Zika.

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Re: The Wave pt. II



I have that exact same theory about Native American's potential immunity for what is surely coming.



Re: The Wave pt. II

Who says there's no justice in God's universe.

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Re: Ch 3



DNA results reveal a crime against nature in the drumpf family tree.

Re: Ch 3

I was getting there.


Results for alien DNA are positive. Consulting ancient texts, our heroes find that alien/human hybrids are vulnerable to direct sunlight unless they cover themselves with orange goop....


A desperate plan emerges......