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Senior Contributor

Re: Ch 3

(I was getting there. 

Results for alien DNA are positive. Consulting ancient texts, our heroes find that alien/human hybrids are vulnerable to direct sunlight unless they cover themselves with orange goop.... 

A desperate plan emerges......)


You gotta quit plagiarizing NBC news stories.

Re: Ch 3

CBS Fake News   "no staffers left in WH science office."


My guess is the funding has all been shifted to the office of "let's get the goobers stirred up about gay cakes and tranny bathrooms."


Back when I started the story on a slightly more serious note, that's what I was thinking about. How GOP cruelty will kill you.

Senior Contributor

Re: Ch 3

Nox, I haven't posted much lately.  But this is the best and funniest thing I've read on here for months.  Thanks