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The Way Things Are, Part 1

I just finished a long talk with The Oracle that kind of changed my focus on things.  He is the friend who sat on my deck on Labor Day night, 2001 and said, in effect "things are just too weirdly quiet. Something big is about to happen to knock the US out of the financial and strategic stupor that it is in."  It didn't take long for events to prove him correct.


Here is the essence of our discussion today. We talked on cell phones so hard telling if the NSA picked up any key words and locked in on the conversation. But if they did there were some excellent ideas if they haven't already thought of them they should pass them up the chain of command.


The yak-yak about Bush/Obama, left/right is pretty much a waste of time. We are all pawns in a global struggle for economic and strategic advantage and everything else is sort of pointless. Clinton, Bush, Obama are all paid actors who were installed to do PR for the permanent government and all the political posturing is for the most part, for naught. If your sentiment is required it will be ginned up in order to justify necessary actions, otherwise it is just wind that is contributing to global warming.


Background- 9/11 was an operation run by the the Mossad with small but well placed elements in the US government running cover for it. All of that is hidden in plain sight, not really all that hard to figure out.


The purpose was to give the US an excuse to move a military presence into the Middle East. Israel was complicit for obvious reasons- without US involvement their shelf life is clearly quite short. For the US it was about the Libby/Wolfowitz premise that whoever controls the oil controls the world. Things have not gone especially well but once committed it is still "game on."


The current focus is Iran. Despite all the talk of the US and/or Israel attacking Iran, that is extremely problematic- it would almost certainly create a blockade of the Persian Gulf and wreck the fragile global economy. Much better would be to go to the old Reagan/Casey playbook and how they won the Cold War. First, you have to keep them spending more of their resources on arms than they can afford - the constant drone about an imminent attack by Israel, US naval exercises, huge arms sales to the Saudis accomplishes that purpose.


 Then you need to knock the props out from under their revenue stream- i.e. Oil prices. The case for how tight global oil stocks currently are isn't as transparent as one might think because of floating storage, etc. But I'm relatively certain that it can be accomplished to knock crude prices down below $50, maybe into the thirties for a couple of years. It seems likely that the Gulf Arabs are on board (although they might have to say otherwise to avoid a backlash from  Islamic radicals) and there are certainly some favors to be called in from Goldman, JPM, Morgan Stanley etc. Ahem.


By the way, cheaper oil wouldn't be at all bad for the US and global economy and those who matter could be tipped off in advance in order to get forward sales hedged (Mexico comes to mind- we really don't want a failed state on our border right now). In fact I'd assume that massive forward sales would be part of the operation anyway. Mexico got well hedged before the 2008 crash.


One more thing to mention that is one of those things to just file away in the back of your mind in case evidence starts to appear that supports it is the fact that the ug99 black stem rust of wheat is getting closer to Iran and is said to be present there. Particularly with world wheat stocks now tightening again a failure of the Iranian wheat crop that was concurrent with other major economic stressors would be helpful in creating conditions for regime change.


The troubling thing, of course, is where does this leave the rest of us in terms of both our lives, civil liberties etc. And economic prospects. Well, I just don't think that the folks who run things can permit civil liberties beyond a certain point but that question is done with for now, the coup occurred and nothing can change it at the moment.


As to economics, there will be a massive financial "redo" sometime in the future but it will be along the lines of the 2008 crash which was clearly controlled and brought down in the desired time frame and with the "right" plan in place for directing it.


But I'm actually thinking it will come after the next phase of the strategic operation. This all assumes that the masters of the universe don't miscalculate- they have proven themselves to be somewhat fallible of late.



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Re: The Way Things Are, Part 1

 I have little doubt any of that is off target.   Back in the 70's around the time of the AAM attempted farm strike there were knowledgeable people talking about the world's plutocrats movements toward one world government--Naafta-shafta-- leading to the contraction of the middle class in this nation.  Logically the PTB's plans needed to destroy our constitution in order to completely finish off the original intended balance of powers between states and federal government before they could create a world government above our sovereignty.


  Like the neocon traitors wrote in their New American Century papers, they needed a "pearl harbor" event.    On 9-11 my wife came and told me my mother called and said someting bad happened and I should turn of the news.  I turned on the computer and started watching the TC burning, my wife ask me what was happening-  I told her the reichstge is burning.

Veteran Advisor

Re: The Way Things Are, Part 1

Hi John,


It may that I got the sequence backwards- maybe the economic redo will have to come first in order to knock the props out from under oil prices.


Problem there is that I just don't see the story, except of course for the obvious continuation of a huge amount of chronic problems that are going unresolved.


Last time we had the heads up about the closed door session of Congress and the coming "economic collapse in September 2008."

Maybe it doesn't need a storyline this time- maybe the story line is already set and it doesn't need one this time.


The predicive value of this sort of consideration is limited but I don't know any other way to approach it other than to look as clearly as you can at what has happened and to try to figure out what that tells you about the future.


Best, h


PS. Dese boyz do also seem to be doing a fair impersonation of a couple of the horses of the apocalypse. I'm thinking we should also be on the lookout for the pestilence and plague horse.

Veteran Advisor

Re: The Way Things Are, Part 1

BTW, might be a pretty good year in farming.


The US ethanol program can't really be explained other than as a strategic effort to gain advantage over China and anyone else.


Droughts or no, US corn ethanol is the hole in the world grain balance sheet.


The set up, Russina drought etc. seems like the timing isn't going to get any better if the move on the Middle East is to include the food weapon.


As I wrote in the previous post, the only point in really thinking about any of this is its predicitve value.


Ethanol has made some folks pretty proud but I don't think anyone cares about you or me if we cease to be useful.


Best, h


Re: The Way Things Are, Part 1

 Hi Nox

 I been busy, eating lunch and thought I would finally reply.   Was reading a little of Tarpley's George Bush: The unauthorized Biography last night during a insomnia attack, It goes into the American supporters of the Nazi regime, Bush and associates.  When one looks at the big picture it's obvious that Hitler and his gang were patsies, they died providing cover for the PTB, who becaume rich enough to gain more power..  

  In another book he talking about Obama and Cater being recruited and used as patsies by Bilderberg Trilateral and associates-Zbig Brzezinski---

snip==The theme is that Obama was spotted and recruited by Zbigniew Brzezinski for his eventual election to President while Obama was studying political science at Columbia. Zbig was teaching there at the same time (1982-83), and Obama wrote his senior paper on a subject of Zbig's primary interest, "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament." Obama has provided essentially no information concerning his time at Columbia and the influence of Zbig.

Lest this seem unbelievable to the reader who is unfamiliar with Zbig's role as co-founder (with David Rockefeller) of the Trilateral Commission (TC), the author serves up a few relatively undisputed facts. Zbig was put on to Jimmy Carter in 1973 by George Franklin when Carter was an unknown governor of Georgia. Zbig liked what he saw and understood that Carter would be subservient and easily handled, so took Carter to Rockefeller and the two catapulted Carter into the Presidency. It must be remembered that Carter came from nowhere, and only seven months before his nomination, was preferred by only four percent of the Democrats. The Trilateral influence was brought to bear and it proved decisive. And Zbig became Carter's National Security Advisor, TC, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and Bilderberg Paul Volcker took over the Federal Reserve. In fact, Carter's cabinet was stuffed with ETC, CFR and Bilderberg members, as has every administration had their cabinets and top bureaucratic positions including the CIA filled by Bilderbergs, TC & CFR members since then.



Anyway, the results of 9-11 is a big step toward policestate and postmodern fascism.   The over all long term aim of the anglo domination of Eurasia is continuing.  Israel's fascist minority/settlers, military-industrial and the war party needed a fresh cold war, it seems they are attempting to build the sheeple up to excepting genocide/atomic eugenics*(glassing over).

  I don't have too much faith in predicting the future, the real value comes from trying to keep abreast of the way things really are.  If it wasn't for my weakness for romance and taking care of loved ones, I would sell out, buy a 33 foot Spray and drop out again.