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Senior Advisor

The amazing liberal mind.


U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis admitted Thursday morning during a congressional hearing that she and the Obama administration believe driving a bus that happens to run on “clean energy” should count as a “green job.”

Florida Republican Rep. Connie Mack, questioning Solis during a House oversight committee hearing about why she and the Obama administration consider a man driving a “clean energy” bus to have a “green job,” pushed her on the absurdity of her argument. “Driving a bus is driving a bus, right?” Mack asked her. “I mean, you turn the wheel, you push the gas, you use the brake?”

Because the vehicles run on “clean energy,” Solis and the Obama administration classify the jobs of their drivers as “green jobs.”

“If you go back to the argument that’s being made about how you substantiate the green industry, the vehicles that were built there are hybrid vehicles, they’re fuel efficient,” Solis responded.

“If I’m sitting in a chair made out of ‘green’ material, does that make my job ‘green’?” Mack shot back. “I mean, he is driving a bus, and to count it as a ‘green job’…”

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