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The biased media

The right dreams up the most assinine theories about political corruption and then is shocked,shocked that rthe mainstream media does not hyperventilate right along with them and make it headline news.


So that is bias when media does not pursue ludicrous accusations produced by Limbaugh Hannity or Beck. Propagandists with an agenda promoting BS in a political environment and a bunch of looney tunes looking for any advantage they can imagine.


That Obama is quite a busy fellow. Using every facility of government to raise havoc. The Irs to irritate political opponents. The Justice dept to irritate and investigate news associations. The state department and CIA to weaken defenses for our people at bengazi, AAANNND He also has a hand in the intentional misleading crop and inventory reportsd from the USDA. Plus he has destroyed the scantity of marriage and destroyed health care before even enacted and fed to many hungry with food stamps plus driven the dow jones to 15,000.


There is just no end to the damage he has done. Ps. some farmers have to pay taxes which is the dirtiest trick of all!

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Re: The biased media

Reading your tripe was a waste of a minute of my time. The Zionist fascist controllers really LOVE you.
Senior Contributor

Re: The biased media

Reading yours is a complete waste of about 15 secs of my time!

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Re: what does he do

actually he is saying this week he doesnt know --doesnt hava anything to do with it --isnt sure --it is somebody else who did it --so what does he do or is he a project welfare whore --please try me  dont run