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Re: The burning neoconservative desire....

 Bruce, who is the leader of the Palestinians? Who does Israel negotiate with? They gave up Gaza for peace, why is there no peace?

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Re: The burning neoconservative desire....

  BA, compare the maps from when they became a country and the current ones, and you'll see what "lines have been drawn", and in whose favor. They are using us to fight their wars and expand their borders. They recently murdered an American civilian that was aboard an aid ship taking supplies to Gaza, the area/region that they have brutally taken over and drove people from their homes and confiscated their land and property. Water will, if it hasn't already, become a scarce resource because of the population density of the region too.

  Time and again they use religious and biblical reasons to gain support from the right wing, along with the known fact of pandering to the republican party with a long chain of money in return for military support or action on their behalf, that multiplies by defense "contributions" because of future defense spending. There is also the open strategy by the republican party of willingly blind support for them, because it redirects political contributions from democrats to republicans from Jews in the US and other places because of their sympathies and allegiance to Israel. 

  FYI, that nuclear technology was stolen from us by them also. If you follow any "story" of Israel's plight, it can be traced by the money trail to go to some organization or group that "believes in the fight/cause", and vice versa for the lack of media interest in their brutal actions and atrocities. Look at the recent "foiled attack" directed at religious buildings in Chicago. If you read any media from around the world, it was a low-level story, because it's widely speculated that it originated out of Israel. We have had story after story about Muslims and how deranged they supposedly are, but look at the media that tells those stories and who is in charge of it, or who owns the media entity, with Fox "News" as a prime example.

  Coincidentally, they are in violation of somewhere around 260 UN resolutions that they completely disregard of refuse to comply with, the same UN that Sec. of State Colin Powell went to with fraudulent intelligence to start a war against one of their neighbors and enemies, that we fought on their behalf. Don't even get me started on what they did to the USS Liberty.

  Time and again, with the help or direction/mediation of different US presidents, after reaching some sort of peace deal or agreement , they always back out and change the parameters, so their demands are not only constantly changing, they are always increasing, and when they are met, they still refuse to agree.

  With "friends" like them, we don't need any other enemies.

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Re: The burning neoconservative desire....

@r3020 wrote:

 They gave up Gaza for peace, why is there no peace?

Perhaps your 'history' book is different from mine.

Gaza was never theirs to 'give up'. It was an occupied territory that they withdrew their forces from, mostly.

There is lots of blame to go around in that area but just think how peacefull it might be if there were no religions to fight over it.