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The catholics

Any number of counterfactuals about the likely slim GQP margin in the House.

But #1 certainly that Amy and The Popes upheld racist gerrymandering in FLA and other, mostly southern states.

I imagine the Lavender Mafia was salivating at the prospects of a Catholic-fascist junta like Spain or Italy in the past century.


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Re: The catholics

In fairness, the much more efficient German form of fascism wasn’t entirely a catholic project like Franco or Mussolini.

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Re: The catholics

Great content you have here is this a form of a mental climax for you

Biden and Nancy are catholics they feast on the murder of the unborn and the new black robe cant even tell you what a woman is, do you have a point and why does pro life trigger you so severely. Very creepy  

I feel sorry for you and just how depraved a soul you really are, to spend your golden years behind a keyboard sh`it posting at least 20 times a day not planned well