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something Bruce said a while back

brought this to mind. In regards to colleges using extra-legal methods to adjudicate sexual assault claims and the fact that the likely legal jeopardy the young men might have is highly dependent on the locality.


So from a common sense point of view- send your daughters to the most liberal place you can- where rapists are likely to be deterred by criminal penalties and send your sons to the most conservative- where accusers are likely to be ignored or shamed into silence.


Either way, emblematic of the fact that our birth rate is probably just going to continue to decline even  if a SCOTUS majority outlaws contraception.

Senior Advisor

Re: The civil war - views on right and wrong.

Now the question becomes how would each side feel if the neighbor took the youth to gay intervention therapy.

Senior Contributor

Re: The civil war - views on right and wrong.

While it doesn't apply to the example I gave, we know that one side would feel that would be child abuse.  While my opinion is that the intervention therapy I've heard of is quackery, its not my place to decide what another family would do in the situation.