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The counter to the cult of death

His statement on the purpose of marriage is spot on 4 to 5 minutes in. 

Pretty good statement.  He's off on claiming corporatism being a product of the far right.  That's a redefining of the original left vs right definition of politics the globalists have been pushing. 

Extreme right would be anarchy with no government.  

The fascism of Mussolini was far left.  It's very definition is government centered control of corporations. 

Libertarians that want very limited government are far right- left of anarchy.

With average republicans and democrats further left on the spectrum. 

Neocons loving Patriot act creators and corporatist fascists to the far left with socialists where government becomes central to all.

It's not a hard concept.  The cult of death has just tries to change definitions.

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Re: Who is this guy, Putin's speechwriter?

  Half of this crap was in Putin's two-hour speech two days ago.  Is Rogan shilling for the Russians, now?

Senior Contributor

Re: Who is this guy, Putin's speechwriter?

Oh good a post from Tricky... probably a real nugget of wisdom hidden in there somewhere.  😂