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Esteemed Advisor

The country is settling down, a lot

except for a rambunctous quarter or so- effectively the majority of the GQP.

Hard to game it out from here- a long way until the next midterms. Events that are currently unforseen will present. 

But for now the DennisonQ Party does not look strong, except for the likelihood of even more nutters from very Red places.

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Retiring GOP Senators

Somebody below said something about “the sun shining on.....” or something like that.  

As for something being done out in the light of day and deemed worthy of extensive media coverage and editorial commentary, these tussles for R nominations to replace them are going to be just that.


Senior Advisor

Re: The country is settling down, a lot

The country is settling down unless you live on the southern border. Then it is total chaos and the fake stream media is in full sargent Schultz mode.