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Craig's Brother
Senior Contributor

The coward KNAPPer.

The coward KNAPPer can't win an argument, so he reports the message and gets the thread censored.  That of course makes him feel powerful but in our eyes, that makes him a coward.


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The message you are trying to access is not available.



Censorship is not cool, thus I probably won't be back for a while.


Meanwhile, a censorship-free ag board exists here.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: The coward KNAPPer.

What a shame you are leaving us.  Some one might miss you but it won't be me.

Senior Contributor

Re: The coward KNAPPer.

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Perhaps you should consider not being so blatantly racist and bigoted in the future. So stay at baled hay and rant all you want about everyone and everything you hate. Just don't bring it here and you will be alright.
Senior Contributor

Wasn't me

I didn't report you. Must have been someone else. Strange how you accuse me and frankly, I thought I won the argument. Having the last word does not make you a winner. Perhaps someone who is very faithful here took offense t your abuse of the word of God. Perhaps the folks that run this place don't like Racism, possibly some of them are African Americans? Possibly the folks that own this place do not want to appear to tollerate racism? It is unpopular among most people you know. You really don't offend me that bad C'sB. You offended someone else or the admins apparently. Perhaps you should ask them?


PS - You are a puny person for automatically blaming me. It shows your stripes.