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Re: The culture of death.

GRTEAT POST --all libs and obamoites belly ache about people who have more them them and want the fuhrer go and take it because they are too lazy to

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Re: The culture of death.

  I saw it in the movie Freakonomics, and was going to find the book that they wrote that it was based upon, and look at the research data. It was an interesting movie covering various topics with resulting outcomes. The authors study causation effects, and that was what the movie was about.

  We both know that those results will be denied because of the possible implications of reducing crime by abortions, although at one time in the past convicted criminals were sterilized while serving their sentences for various crimes.

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Re: The culture of death.

@Canuck_2 wrote:

Interesting Tom.

I recall seeing stats on what the reason was for having an abortion and connected to income too I believe.

My recollection was that around 50% were at or below official poverty level income and/or the reason for an abortion was that they could not afford to raise a child.

As I remember it included a lot of info and single mothers was a large segment too but poor was a big group.

Like you I will see if I can find that again.

Abortion is a hot button item for some but they do not take the time to think of what they might be asking someone to do if they refused all abortions.

Killing the unborn in the womb is not the answer. If the mother does not want the child he/she should be put up for adoption.