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Senior Contributor

Re: The democratic presidential nominee

The world court should charge Bush & Cheney. Cheney more so than Bush. Bush for selecting that criminal as a running mate. A War crimes trial just like nuremberg. Torturing prisoners is bad evnough but taking americans into an invasion of iraq under false pretenses is even worse. The dead americas and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and millions of displaced Iraqs along with the thousands of american servicemen permanently disabled both mentally and physically.


The torture process was much worse than we even expect now. The papers filed are terribly redacted. If everthong is "out there" why the need for redaction? They still want to operate in the dark. I've heard that the FBI refused to be apart of the CIA tactics and even some CIA agents refused. Something was rotten in Langley and the cheney daily visit there was for a purpose and now they are trying to cover their asses.