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The difference between Donald and Bill

Bill  has been tried in the court of public opinion and he won a not guilty verdict.  Consentual sex beteen adults is not a criminal act and Bill Clinton paid the price some years ago. He was impeached for his deeds but a guilty verdict was not found in the senate.


The difference for the Donald is that he pressured women to accept his "favors" such as they are. And he expressed his strategy in a public forum where microphones and recording devices were at hand.. Broadcasting this recording brought the house down on his head. Not only in democrat or independent circles but in the very party he won the nomination in. Of course the playing of the recording refreshed the memory of his alledged victims of reckless debauchery.


The donald keeps ragging on about how he is abused by his opponents and of course none of the "victims" are a bit truthful about their experience. So good republicans are abndoning him in droves. Yes the party faithful or respectable have left him. The bushes are returning the favor of his abusive treatment of Jeb ! When you call and opponent incapable low energy and ridiculed him even after he withdrew from the arena. Donald Knows no other way than the "take no prisoners" approach. So a losing opponent has no interest in promoting the candidate.. They don't like trump and they aren't going to help him win.


Instead of Donald trying to curb his rhetoric and romance the like of Paul Ryan the current speaker of the house. Ag ain Trump wants no part of him because he is not respectful of contrary people an contrary ideas, Mostly Trump has no ideas of merit. Therefore, Paul Ryan who has a 70% approval rating in Wisconsin but Trump cannot ride his coattails to a victory in that state.


Trump sorely needs to get beat up in the polls because he has earned that reputation. Even weak opponents are driven to a hard stance due to Trumps willful abusement. I'm surprised that anyone likes him right or left because he exhibits no compassion toward anyone. Trump is a bully and he will not respect Republican congresssmen any more than he will respect the lefties. He want to be a dictator but he is not interested ina united front. He expects everyone to cowtow to his demands without any negotiation.


Now Obama faced the same treatment by A OBSTRUCTIONIST congress. The difference being he had the support of at least part of the congress. He didn;t alienate both sides of the aisle as Trump has. trump will have one party against him and half of the other party against him. They will elect hillary because they really have no choice.


Now we know than many of the opponents dislike Hillary and have been warring against her since she came on the scene some 30 years ago. But she will be elected because your party has nominate a candidate  that is unfit for the job. One that now makes more enemies than friends. A Bully that fewer people like. Nobody like a boor accept like minded people. You know who you are and you will be sorely disappointed next month. But you could face a whole lot worse worry if you happened to elect the unthinkable. So many times I think that many of you would prefer a bully tyrant because you think he will be hard on the defenseless. You want someone to beat up on the poor the immigrants the aged the infirm becaause you think there are thousands of people out there raiding the systems, Ironically you fail to recognise your own nose i n the trough for nigh unto a third of a century. Millionaire farmers with their nose in the trough being judgemental about folks of lessor fortune.

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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill

(Bill has been tried...)

You could have just summarized your post by saying that in your opinion, Bill is a good sexual predator and Trump is a bad sexual predator.

Re: The difference between Donald and Bill


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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill

Sounds like the same sort of deal with Hillary and the FBI. You don't seem to have a problem with that now do you?

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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill

Millie, your question has been answered - many times and from many different places.   But it's the same MO that you keep using.  "Oh, gee, I didn't like the answer so I'll ask it again."  You think that's going to work to help win the election?  It doesn't look like it so far...but go ahead...keep using it.  I'll be here for the next three weeks to set the record straight.


When his sex tape emerged, and he said on the debate that there were no women out there there he had sexually abused, you knew the flood gates were going to open.  Are you dumb enough to think that Trumps words weren't his actions, especially hearing how they were said?  For all Trump's lies, this one was true.  


He gave a challenge to anyone he had ever abused when he said at the debate that he was clean.  


Hes a con man, a sociopathic liar, and a sexual predator.  It's what he is.  And he owns those.  They are tags of his own making, that aren't likely to come off anytime soon.


Tick Tock....



Red Steele
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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill

what was it that one liberal lady spokesman said....that

she would have serviced Mr. Clinton too, just for protecting

her right to kill her babies?


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KUDOS +100


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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill



I would explain the answer to that question, but you wouldnt understand.


That really is a very stupid question.


Your fake MENSA card has been revoked.



Also; Well said Don.

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Re: The difference between Donald and Bill



I am happy when he is posting on here. It means that he is not bothering other people, or scaring kids in his stupid clown outfit.


Yeah, he is one of those clown people. I haven't seen it myself, or know if it is really true, but many people are saying it, so it is almost certain to be true. I've heard stories, believe me.



What really freaks him out is knowing that First lady Michelle, is as,  if not more popular than anyone on the planet