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The dump and millie

Now that Millie has gone running to the moderators, reminds of dump threatening to sue the women who have come out to claim dump is a sexual predator.  Both can't refute the truth so will threaten with bigger guns


both show themselves as 5th graders with their whiny speeches or posts. The more they talk the more they show themselves as complete idiots.


not personal attacks, just stating facts.  Millie has not done anything with his life except to sell bad hay to customers and now his biggest accomplishment is to drive a school bus while waiting for mommy to kick the bucket so he can get his inheritance. 


Guy lies about bout his intelligence so the rest of the crap he spews is probably something he made up.


nothing more than a dumb a-- and the dump is perfect for him.



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Re: The dump and millie

The responses of late here are a real window on to just how much Trumpism has inspired the "The you g__ d____d right!" emotion in many. Millie's estate tax thread a great example. While many things have drawn people to Trump, it's unquestionable that his campaign is all about him and his intense need to be appreciated for all he is and has done. Indignant over criticism and inscensed over being questioned, or the slightest indication that he may not be well-informed or rational. That has liberated people who are in their own self-created "bubble" and can't imagine that they aren't universally admired and envied for whatever it is that they have done that they are certain is incredibly unique and monumental. Or that they knew they could do or have done if not restricted or repressed by someone or something external.

It's a perversion of some fractured American dream view that is built around "I'm me, and you're not, but you obviously must or have to wish that you were".

Re: The dump and millie

Your personal attacks were observed during routine moderator activities monitoring for compliance with terms of service.  No member reported your abuse, although all abuse reports are considered and acted on as appropriate.  Not all abuse reports are well founded but many are and are usually acted on in less than a day.

I'm giving you a few days off and hope when you return you will find ways, as nearly everyone does, to express your opinions without using vulgar language or personal attacks or abuse against fellow members.