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Senior Contributor

Re: The election

Insurance is one of the least favored industries/businesses a person could aspire to. Every pay out is a tragedy, ever premium is payment for future heartache.


The only incentive is perhaps the profits. Or, if you are a mathematician, it is a challenge.


It all goes downhill when staunch regulations are not put in place. Twisted business practices, such as extortion, price fixing and fraud, are consider the "norm" and part of the game. Lobbyists serve these interests and politicians are reluctant to place a roadblock in front of patient goods and services.


It is probably impossible to regulate the industry. It would only lead to compromised healthcare and felony violations. If an industry requires felony behavior, the misdemeanors too must go unnoticed.


Competition (free market) is highly overrated.


Perhaps the best way is operate with one company which does not compete. But then there is no price reduction. Unfortunately this is the situation we are now.


If the drug prices were funding research, why should we fund the NIH? All of these excesses should be diverted to technology development.


There should be an excess of non-government funding available.


Funding the NIH may actually be detrimental to the industry as a whole or part. Yet NIH is the first to take funds.