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The end is near

At least in the eyes of this "old man".
Last month or two, things just getting
Nuts. Starting to get an Erie feeling of
Doom....the future just seems to come
To an end.
I know what it is, it is depression....I've seen
It many times...but not in me. know...maybe it is justified.
Just look at things. The rural economy is
Shot. My area has had a big decline, and
The mood is not good.
I was at a meeting not long ago, the rural
Economy numbers going forward are bad.
Looking at crop budgets, none were positive.
I then look at the national is
Almost Scarry...I read and scan my news
Sources that I have for years....but here, Trump
And fox, claim that is all is insane,
I read the data, I look at the numbers ..I see the
Video and interviews, I read and see the testimony...
I know what I know...yet the people here, the
"Editorial policy" and the president says no,
I'm wrong.
Last night at our weekly prayer service, I prayed
For all...and asked for guidance and wisdom.

My health is on the decline....maybe my time
Is becoming near....but.... I can't understand a
Man, and his fallowers just going nuts, doing
Things...and telling us we didn't see or hear
What we indeed did.

This walk issue is tearing the country and me apart.
After a long think...and pray...I see the problem,
And it is Trump. The man does not understand.
It is his way or else and I don't give a dam how
It impacts or hurts someone.
This is a issue that needs to be worked thru.
This idea of saying it is an emergency, I frankly
Don't know a word to call it....
He wants to take money from ongoing disaster
To go twards a wall....which he wants to prepay !!
It will be at least a year before construction can
Start...meanwhile...these people have needs now .
According to a study I read....the total project
Would take a minimum of 10 years...and 10,000
Workers....and the cost.....unable to calculate.

Again I am a loss for words

Now, the nuts here will climb all over this, and
Unsure if the editorial board will allow it, since
It seems some post disappears or move....
Yet others propagate.

So yes, for me, the end is near for me here,
And perhaps other places