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Senior Contributor

Re: The end is near

What we should do is regulate ourselves out of business and tax the hell out of ourselves, and send it to Paris to distribute around the world to people that have us because China is polluting the crap out of their air and water.... Hell, I bet China will feel so bad that they'll probably be willing to take our money on top of stealing our tech.

Senior Contributor

Re: The end is near

By the way, which one of you geniuses predicted the availability to extract so much fuel by fracking?

Which one of you geniuses is able to predict the technology that will be invented and utilized over the next 10 years much less 20 or 100?


What decade was it that the world was supposed to starve itself out? 70's?

Yet I bet each one of you geniuses throws edible food in the trash pile or gives it to a dog on a daily basis.

But the sky is falling!

We were supposed to freeze to death but then they decided we are going to burn up.... and by golly they'll completely fudge the "scientific" the numbers if they have to!

The sky is falling!

Until you can predict what's going to happen with solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, thermal energy technology, or storage/transportation of such energies much less what will happen with hydrogen you geniuses can kiss my butt. That's not even touching on biofuels. If we were dependent on you brainchilds, then yes, we are screwed. But luckily we're not.

At the moment, I care much more about the elderly people here and around the world having to use too much of their pensions to try to warm the homes in the winter and cool then in the summer to really give a rat's butt that I'm hurting your feelings with logic.

Peddle your sky is falling religion to someone else, I see it for what it is.