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Senior Advisor

The failed republican grand deal

For the past 12 months the democrats Chris Hollings & Patty Murray have been seeking conferences with their republican counter parts to hash over budgetary concerns and the possibility of corrective measures. They have not been able to persuade the other side to discuss and negotiate a bargain on anything. There was no interest on the republican side for that approach.


The recent 3 weeks have made it obvious that the republican plan was to let it all pile up and they would force the president and the democrats into compliance with their wishes. The CR and the debt ceiling was going to be the tool to bring the administration and the dems to their knees in compliance.


They had all their eggs in that one basket. One swoop and they would get most of what they wanted. Then Cruz steps in with his nonfilibuster (senate not in session) and botches up the grand plan. Well the president had a steel resolve and would not responde in the affirmative. So the grand plan of the GOP haostage takers left them with noothing and their whole strategic plan in shatters.


NOw we will have another CR and another debt limit challenge in a couple of months because republicans want those created crisis every couple months so they get to try intimidation again and again. I think they shot their wad. No more politacal bullets to fire at the president, but they will try because they do NOT have the power or persuasion and that comes from having no good ideas.