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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

The five

For all those on here who get their daily fix   from the Five you would have all been grieving yesterday.  Here they were, all the pretty lackeys of the repigs with their tinkling little laughs and notebooks full of political ridicule, sitting like stone statues in awe of the first lady's speech.  All the ground they thought they had made over the last 3 years is now out the window.  She blew them away.  Even the male contributors bought up the Monika thing for one last round just in case it might work but sadly it went down like a lead balloon. The frustration was entertaining to watch.


There was even a little move towards the classic racist slur but they pulled up just short. This mob of squalid opportunists have been sat back on their tiny little asses and they don't like.


No doubt so many of you would have tuned in but there is virtually a total absence of ridicule about Michelle and Bill.   They have the repigs exactly where they want them now. 4 more years was the catch cry.  How does that sit with you lot?

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Veteran Advisor

Re: The five

The more I hear, the less difference I see between where we'll end up no matter which party is in power.

About the only difference is the road taken and the speed at which we wind up at that end, and perhaps there will be differences of what people have left, when it hits.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: The five

I never heard of the show, until I Oogled it, it`s a show on Fox. I`ll just say this about Mrs Obama`s speech, the way she pronounces "struggle" drives me up a wall and she uses the word alot.  The comedy shows would have a field day with if she was a Repub.

Senior Contributor

Re: The five

When a nanny state is created which we are by all intensive purposes, the ones seeking power get elected by promising the most free stuff.  The gov't has been picking winners and losers for decades.  Take the trains for instance.  We the taxpayer built almost all of the rails for trains via grants and such.  However, trains don't pay tax on the fuel they burn.  Why?  Roughly 80% of the fuel I use in vehicles is burnt driving down county dirt roads.  Yet, I pay the same amount of fuel tax as someone who strictly runs down the highway.  My county roads I'm already paying for via property taxes.  Winner/loser.  Then we get to the banking sector.  The fed loans money to the banks at zero interest.  The banks then turn around and buy gov't bonds with zero interest money paying 2-3 percent interest.  This would be like me loaning my neighbor a million bucks, and then turning around and borrowing a million right back from my neighbor at 3 percent interest.  Net loss of 30,000 bucks per million loaned.  Clear winner. 


I hold no illusions that anything gets better regardless of the November election outcome.  In the past couple of decades, we've had the opportunity to change course with Ross Perot and Ron Paul.  However, it has become quite apparent that voters just haven't had enough yet.   

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: The five

I am pleased to see you have heeded Bill Clinton's words when he said no POTUS under any government before him could ever right the situation in 4 years. So what is the point of changing the government? I know you would like a repig in there but Romney will not do a single thing.  He is all BS.


What about old Deere.  He has taken a pathetic set on Michelle because she pronounces a word strangely.   That is , without a doubt, a solid reason to ignore the important things she said.  Well thought out Deere old Dear.