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Senior Contributor

The flawed nature of democrat presidents

My historical memory fails me prior to the days of FDR the last president to serve 4 terms. At least part of them. But as memory serves me not \one democrat president that was elected was appreciated by the right


Harry Truman, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama all whom were chastised by the right. One can only conclude that president jesus of nazereth would be demonized if he ran as a democrat.. That guy would have wanted to feed the hungry and heal the sick but he still wouldn't be supported by the right. they would still complain that somebody got something for nothing.


Now the repubs have spent 7 million trying to indict Hillary Clinton for something but the head of the FBI claims the evidence did not support an indictment of Hillary Clinton. But the right isn;t happy. There success depends  on demonizing the left. Therefore we will have more hearings to prove the FBI director and hillary clinton are frauds. Next will come their attack on the attorney general.


If theyspent half as much effort on Donald Trump they would be lacking a presidential candidate.