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The irony of Stormy

no doubt lost on most.


Hard telling how she became hypersexualized, got an EEE boob job and some other work on top of an ok face and figure and became an American Entrepreneur ca. post 9/11 America, but anyway. But boy is she one.


Anyway, for the core of the core of the Trump base she's America's Sweetheart 2018 since most are driven by frustrations over their failure with women and their girl is the one on the screen while they grab their turgid tube steaks and then run to the gun closet.


Jesus enters in there somewhere.





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Re: The irony of Stormy

Nutz, you should just talk to a doctor about your ED issues instead of looking foolish on some ag forum. And as far as Trump and America goes, maybe your mental health would improve if you would book a vacation to Venezuela during the July 4th celebrations. I have heard they are going to be spectacular this year.

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Re: The irony of Stormy

If the topic is going to veer off into dispensing medical advice, then I think it would behoove you clowns (RWNJS) into signing up for some serious head shrinkage (psychiatry) to deal with the Group psychosis that you all seem so afflicted with.
Or is it mass hysteria?
It seems to be getting worse. Proportional to the liar in chiefs myriad legal issues....
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Re: The irony of Stormy

Any post with 9/11 or Stormy in the title...well check the author and save yourself some time   🙂

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Re: The irony of Stormy

Chill out , Miss. You will have another legal means of changing the POTUS in's called an "election".

Re: The irony of Stormy

Never hurts to be an optimist, I guess.


If the election were held today Trump would lose by 10 million votes minimum. Electoral results wouldn't look quite that bad given the clustering of support in certain states.


Sorta fascinating how effective Trump lies can be on the susceptible- "didn't lose the popular vote, millions of illegals."