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The likely thin GQP house majority

or the opposite, should it happen.

It will be extremely unstable.

BTW, should it come to pass, 100% because SCOTUS let DeSantis write an extreme gerrymander but the NY Supreme Court didn’t.

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Re: The likely thin GQP house majority

Not in the current headlines, but as the postmortem of the election goes forward the Florida redistricting story get a bunch more attention.

It was masterful actually. 

And the very concept that is Florida gets knocked around a little.


Esteemed Advisor

DeSantis rocked Florida

nearly 60 percent of counted votes for the intelligent, articulate, bronze star winner. Not really sure how you gerrymander out of that one, but in democrap world I suppose anything makes sense.

Looking ahead to 2024. 

Trump and Biden Big Losers, DeSantis Big Winner in 2022 (

DeSantis became the man way back in January 2020 when he told Brandon to "Go Eff yourself, Joe" during that phone conversation.

A hero. A man that can walk around any place in his state and not get booed like Minnesota's sorry excuse for a chief executive. 

Also, like I predicted, a big winner with Hispanics. Can't wait to see the national results when he gets the nod to run for POTUS. Trump was the John the Baptist....get ready for America's savior. 

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Re: The likely thin GQP house majority

(Fettercrats whining that something or other isn't fair)

Knowing the current IQ of fettercrats, their argument will likely be something like:  Desantis would not have won state wide election of governor without his illegal gerrymandering.             'Hi, Goodnight everybody.'

You guys prove out

That MAGA voters hold no loyalty to the institutional GOP.

And it’s more MAGA than ever.

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Re: You guys prove out

Institutional GOP is no difference than the DNC that why the call them the UNI PARTY 

WE know you'd like the old gang back like Mitt and Bush and McStain 

The Atlantic🤣

Its so bad you have to have ballot drop box and mail in ballots to flood the system when needed "drop and Roll"

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Millions of cars on that interstate

....driving the wrong way, right at you, pal.

I feel pretty good about the direction of America right now......there is a changing of the guard, and it won't be in the direction that Barack Obama wanted to take our good country.

Probably a good thing in the long run that America is moving on from Donald J. Trump. He had the balls to call out the established two headed political monster, and for that alone he deserves to be on Mt. Rushmore.

Remember when you laughed so hard at the Taxed Enough Already party, Bruce? Called the movement a "flash in the pan" without any legs?

Still laughing?

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Re: Millions of cars on that interstate

Btw, Bruce......going to socialize with any spics or N*ggers for Thanksgiving? 

yeah, sure, yabetcha.


Re: Millions of cars on that interstate

Actually yes.  Have for a number of years. Except for the last couple of COVID cancellations.  Good friends  of family. 

And fwiw, great diverse additions to the big pot luck dinner.

Re: You guys prove out

Re: that Atlantic piece.

You’re the reason Werner wrote it.  He gives you full propers, btw.