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The long awaited GOP "JOBS PLAN"

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Re: The long awaited GOP "JOBS PLAN"


  • ABC News reports, “According to Republicans, the plan is designed ‘to foster innovation and investment, tackle our debt, and help business owners create jobs without raising taxes on working families and small businesses.’” The Wall Street Journal says “the plan calls for ‘significant spending cuts’ to rein in government deficits.”

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Re: The long awaited GOP "JOBS PLAN"

I don't trust either party and their programs and claims to "create" jobs.  I've never had much faith in magic pills and believe when it comes to economic recovery and job growth that time is the single most important ingredient. 



FDR created jobs with his Civilian Conservation Corps, one of his New Deal programs that built many public buildings and structures in parks across the nation.  I would prefer a similar New Deal style program over our current ones that funnel money to banks, wealthy individuals and companies with the hope it will result in new jobs.  With a new Civilian Conservation Corps program you know it will create the jobs as Uncle Sam would be the one hiring if it is not contracted out to private business. 



I wonder, would it even be possible to duplicate the C.C.C. program now days when numerous unemployment and other entitlement programs are available that were not in existence in the 30's?  Would people give up unemployment checks in exchange for a similar check requiring physical labor?   Would politicians even approve of a C.C.C. style program and if so would it be challenged in court.



Speaking of our government contracting out more and more work to the private sector I just realized NASA will be employing private companies to send our astronauts to the space station in the future.   I knew there was only one more planned shuttle flight and that NASA would be using Soviet rockets to send our guys up for time but did not know the plan now was to use private firms.  I've made a couple of very successful potato guns, flew model rockets as kids and 40 years ago I and a couple of brothers dabbled with some old blasting powder (unsuccessfully) in an attempt to create our own M-80's.   Maybe I should start up a rocket building business and try to land a contract with NASA to supplement my farming. 



With my luck I would end up like the guy participating in the Mason City pyrotechnics show a couple of years ago.  The show runs for 3 or 4 nights and the man was camping in the city camp ground during the competition.  One day while working on his craft in his camper something went wrong and he blew his camper to bits.  He was lucky to survive.

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Re: hey not so great

far ahead of obamos reign and his changey klan aint it ---come on defend him one time