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The more chilling conclusion

is that Trump has no way out (there are more cockroaches still hidden than in one of his hotel kitchens) and will provoke civil unrest before accepting the consequences.

Milligan, for one, is fully aware and locked and loaded.

Like at the Mizzou U, Russian trolls and various will be ready and willing to throw gas on whatever fire breaks out.


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Senior Contributor

The most chilling conclusion

Is one administration has successfully kneecapped the next.   

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Re: The most chilling conclusion

You're in for a world of delight now that the Administration is openly feeding "information" to Nunes.

Just getting started with the Bavarian Illuminati and shape shifting alien lizard people.

BTW, sort of interesting that the Bolsonaro govt. in BRA is threatening to put Greenwald in prison. That, after the Trump Deep State helped the fascists seize power.

But at least he doesn't like Maduro.


Senior Contributor

What I wonder

is if folks like yourself will ever realize how badly they were played.  It hurts the ego no doubt to say "man was I suckered."



Robert Mueller could not have run his investigation. There is even reason to question that he was briefed on the day-to-day developments by the people who did run it — since, for instance, he apparently never heard the phrase “Fusion GPS,” that is, the swarm of flying monkeys who delivered the whole shebang’s predicate documents known as the Steele Dossier simultaneously to the FBI, The Washington Post, and The New York Times beginning in 2016. By his testimony Wednesday, Mr. Mueller gives fresh and tragic meaning to the term useful idiot.

The two-year inquisition was run by attorneys Andrew Weissmann and Jeanie Rhee, two arch Hillary Clinton partisans (the latter a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation), leading now to the conclusion that the Mueller Investigation itself was no less a Clinton operation than the Steele Dossier. I wonder if it will become known whether Mrs. Clinton herself was in regular communication with Weissmann and Rhee during these years, or who were the intermediaries between them.


Re: What I wonder

Good post Sam...Thanks for sharing.

"Useful Idiots" can change, but it is pretty rare. I do know of some that have left the democrats that were previously pretty vocal in their leftist support.

One thing about the opposition to the socialists (and count me in as one), we are not on any Trump bandwagon....we, for the most part, see him as a flawed, egotistical piece of work....we just see him as a superior product to the crap sandwich that the democrats keep putting on the menu.

Honored Advisor

Re: What I wonder

You look at the Russia`s just so damned stupid and then you hear what passes for "serious new reporters" treat it as the Sun coming up in the east.   You just scratch your head and realize "they aren`t joking, they are peddling a Bigfoot, Lochness monster in a UFO story".  And when it`s debunked, they hold on like a Bulldog with "well Mueller can`t say that Trump didn`t do it"....that`s not your job Dofuss!!  Your job was to make a case that Trump was guilty and when you didn`t do that, you shut up and go away!


Re: What I wonder

Yes BA, after the Russia Russia Russia hoax, I expected ObNox and Boris to be a little circumspect and reserved, maybe even embarrassed.

No such luck.