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The never ending campaign

Your dear leader is still campaigning

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump gave the impression that holding campaign rallies was his endgame. He ran like a man who wanted only to keep running, giving the impression that what he really hoped to do was tour forever, appearing before crowds of people who know all the words. Trump ran for president, but he didn’t run to be president—he ran to be Billy Joel.


So the campaigner is living in a time machine


In invoking Hillary Clinton, that Duluth crowd was returning to the good ol’ days when Trump could freely threaten to do terrible, unworkable and/or illegal things if given power, then fly home and go to bed. For one night, the Amsoil Arena was a time machine, taking Trump and his supporters back to the days before Trump was given the power to put all his awful promises into action—or, more accurately, the power to abandon those promises at the first sign of resistance from Congress or the constitution. The crowd got to return to a simpler time when tearing up the First Amendment was as easy as saying “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”


From the very beginning, every Trump rally had a nostalgia-tour feel, but this rally seemed to be experienced as particularly cathartic for everyone involved. As it turns out, running the most powerful country on Earth is much harder work than inheriting millions, declaring multiple bankruptcies, getting blacklisted by every respectable bank in the world, running a sham charity and pretending to be a real-estate magnate on TV.


The first half of Trump’s term in office been filled with disappointment, for president and be-MAGA-hatted supporter alike. For decades, Trump has been preoccupied by a perverse anxiety that all the other countries are snickering at America behind its national back, and “Real Americans” were drawn to him as a remedy to the notion that the world did not respect them. Now they’ve had to contend with a world actually laughing at them, really hard—that is, in between gasps of horror.

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Re: The never ending campaign

Be Best
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Re: The never ending campaign

That's funny. Before the election these same people said Trump didn't even want to win. You guys are hard to keep up with.

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Re: The never ending campaign

Your subject surprised me, I thought it was going to be about Democrats/communists who are always campaigning for higher taxes, gun control, more government, legalize drugs, and reductions in all manner of freedoms.


Wouldn't you be happier in a country such as North Korea, China, or Russia?  Maybe Venezuela?  All places that espouse your point of view.