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Senior Advisor

The new suffrage movement

ILLEGAL aliens. This is why election will no longer matter. We are no longer a sovereign nation, and this will cause the progressive to cheer. All it will take is an executive memo.



Earlier this month, a professor at Queens College, City University of New York asserted that “the right to vote in this country has never been intrinsically tied to citizenship” in an op-ed in the Providence Journal.

The Journal’s version of PolitiFact has now deemed the claim as “mostly true.”


The professor making the argument is Ron Hayduk. The title of his Jan. 1 op-ed was “Noncitizens voting? It’s only fair.”

Hayduk notes that “more than 22 million adults in the U.S. are barred from voting because they lack U.S. citizenship.” Some voting districts are especially affected. In Los Angeles, for example, Hayduk says illegal aliens “make up more than one-third of the voting-age population.”

Even though literacy tests and restrictive residency requirements manifestly do not encumber noncitizen voters since simply can’t vote in state or federal elections, Hayduk wonders “why should literacy tests or restrictive residency requirements be able to disenfranchise noncitizen voters?”


“The right to vote helps keep our democracy inclusive and fair, and resident voting is the next logical step toward creating a truly universal franchise,” the professor concludes. “Noncitizen voting is the suffrage movement of our time.”