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The next contestant

Any gossip or rumors who the

Republicans might run if there

Is a problem with trump ?

People were excited with the 

Girl at the UN.....

The problem, I believe, is that

The republicans could not agree

On her, mainly because she

Is a women...I believe that there

Is too strong of a ""good ole boy""

Mentality in the party to allow


Pence....who's he ?????

Rudy ?????  thank you, I need a good laugh !!

Amazing thing....many in the GOP

Could not stand trumpy when

He run...

Now they can figure out anyone

Else ?

But things on the other side of the

Fence in the democrat camp is

Not much have warren, a women...then i understand a gay man....dont dont

Think we're ready for that....the only one with name appeal...and

Experience is bernie...while some

Interesting ideas on providing

Healthcare....he might be a bit

To far one direction.


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Senior Advisor

Re: The next contestant

Isn't it "normal" for a sitting president to kind of sail thru his own party's primary season, at least at this point in the process?  Though it does seem like the Democrat primary season started much earlier than "normal" this time around.  Bloomberg's "late" addition to the Democrat game seems like more of a "normal" time to be entering the race.  Normally, there's candidates we've never even heard of until the Iowa caucuses -- this time, there's already been a couple rounds of "debates" and candidates already dropping out.