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Veteran Advisor

Re: Actually I do have my checkbook out

"you folks"


this would include the pro-Iraq military votes of Kerry, Clinton, etc etc.....the doubling down in Afghanistan by Baroma, the Vietnam war of Kennedy and LBJ, FDR's  WW II.....Truman's Korea....etc etc


Not debating which of these wars were the "good" ones or not...just pointing out that your "chosen" ones have either started the wars, or placidly gone along with the expenditures.


Or is this false witness to your hypocritical mindset?

Senior Advisor

Re: Actually I do have my checkbook out

Do you have any evidence that Gop legislators oppose any military spending? If you believe in military spending, then pay for it. Don't borrow it from social securioty and then blame SS for the deficit. 



Veteran Advisor

Re: Actually I do have my checkbook out

I am not defending either party in my observation nor crticiizing them, just pointing out your incessant hypocrisy.


I pay plenty of taxes to pay "my share" of national defense, and have my retirement funded, not that I have any plans to retire in the next 50 years.


Social Security was a ponzi scheme from the getgo, and if any private firm had offered such a ridiculous program, they would have been investigated and shut down faster than you can utter the words "Bernie Maddoff"


oppps...guess that doesn't really happen now, does it?

Senior Advisor

Re: It's old age and survivors insurance

If you are so unfortunate to live this long , you will get a check from the government. If you are lucky , you will die sooner and your benefits will go to your spouse or your under age children.


I guarantee you it will be a better buy than 30K atomic warheads.


For pnzi schemes got to corporate pension funds and how many of those have been renegged on leaving retirees with nothing. Ask my friend about his pension in  ENRON.