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Re: The only reason medicare and SS are going broke

Kraft  what the hell are you talking about u bigot . I never said what kind of race these people they were.
My god is this all u have . Actually we pay our drivers very well .We actually have a witing list for future drivers if this jack ass in the white house gets get kick out of. So we have a clear view of what kind of taxes and " health care issues and taxes".

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Re: The only reason medicare and SS are going broke

Oh, so your one of those jackassess, that are holding these jobs hostage, because you don't like the President! YOU MY MAN, ARE THE PROBLEM!

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Re: The only reason medicare and SS are going broke

You have known for ten years what the tax code will be. The bush tax cuts were scheduled to expire two years ago and were extended until the last day of 2012. Look gback to the tax code of the Clinton years and that is what will be. If they expected permanence in that tax bill they should have made it permanent when it originally passed. They did do so.


President Obama and future presidents have no legal obligation to continue the ill advised tax reform that Bush passed. The bush Tax cuts and the two uneccessary wars has got us where we are today. Any time we go to war it should be law that we must charge a 10% sirtax to pay for the war effort. Two things might happen. The electorate may decide not to go to war or they will pay for the cost of it.


BTW your candidate wants to cut corporate tax rates by 10% and eliminate taxes on interest and dividends and capital gains. Plus he want to eliminate the inheritance tax. That would be absolute heaven for you guys but then you would batch about something else.


You don't have to provide health insurance for your employees but you may have to pay them a higher wage to get them to work.


BTW mitts tax obligations would be zero if he got his tax plan passed. Yep zero!