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The other 2 times

That Dennison’s approval tanked were late 17 with the failure to pass his “better and much cheaper” lol healthcare 

and late 18 with China trade and a turbulent stock market.

Although neither was 5 months before the election.

Im having a hard time seeing a speech by Stephen Miller on race relations turning things around.

The Cult of Ignorance is in trouble.


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Re: The other 2 times

Huh - Miller - another of Trump’s hand picked piece of crap for his administration.  Drain the swamp he said.  Right.  Get rid of half way respectable people, and fill it with the most despicable people that Trump could find - and force them to pledge loyalty to him.   There’s nothing  that looks like a would be dictator there.  

And, he can add to the speech, by giving a moving paragraph or two, of how we all need to come together as a nation in this time of crisis.  

Yeah - a crisis that started the day Trump took office.  How’s that health care plan coming along - the one that we were all going to be paying a “small fraction” of what we were paying before he got elected?  You know - the real easy solution he had written down on a piece of paper - and wouldn’t tell anyone of until he was elected?  

How about his promise on filling tax loopholes that he knew all about, and was going to fix?  The only thing he has filled, are the pockets of his rich buddies.

How about the roads, bridges, and new airports or terminals he was going to fix?  Haven’t heard a WORD about appropriations for any of those things - and his term is nearly over.  

How’s Mexico coming in those wall payments - surly the “great negotiator” got Mexico to pay for that, like he promised.  Or did you forget the “and who’s going to pay for it?” rhetoric during the “great Trump get together. 

Gotta give him credit though - he’s still trying to lock up his political adversaries - although last count there are more of his people in jail, than Hillary’s.  Why is that, you think.   Oh that’s right - the cult doesn’t think - it only does what it’s told.

How about the “great” trade wars are easy to win agreements.  I bet you farmers are flush with cash.....flush with bailout cash from hard working Americans, that is.  Another Trump promise - gone bust - with more farmers being  forced to file bankruptcy - but - there’s something the “great” businessman Trump actually knows something about - that and who to get for a “great” divorce lawyer.

How about that Virus?  “There are 5 cases, and soon there will be none”.   Another “great” prognostication by our “great” leader.   Yeah, 110,000 deaths plus - two million and 5 cases nationwide - and counting - I guess that was what he meant.

Yep - a “great” job of lying to America.  That’s his biggest accomplishment of all....


Esteemed Advisor

Re: The other 2 times

As far as the discrediting of mainstream press and punditry-the vast majority of center left/right who assured us that Dennison would be normalized, institutions would restrain him etc. ought to all resign and get jobs at Cracker Barrel. Of course they won’t.

It required courage to stand up and observe that the man is evil and his party is cowardly and disingenuous.

I’ll generously offer 1 year’s amnesty.