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not to forget my point

that there are also some very, very fine people who are conspicuously religious.


But some are not, whatever their internal motives might be. 

Re: So,

BTW, another generalized observation.


Like Tea Party, religion etc., there are a fair amount of crooks playing the veterans' charity game, because, like the others, they can.


According to the charity watch groups, Paralyzed Veterans of America looks pretty legit, Wounded Warriors not so much.


I have no standing in that matter as I don't reside there. But there are a couple of different standards involved there- what one might think is cause for removal from office and what one might think of the individual's character.


As far as our POTUS goes, everyone already knew plenty about his deficient character before the election but at this time there isn't sufficient grounds to remove him from office. 

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Greenwald addresses your neurosis

Maybe Putin had tapes of barry at the bath house?


the conclusion:

But whatever else is true, Trump — notwithstanding the prevailing Democratic Party and media narrative over the last 18 months — has been far more willing to confront Russia and defy Putin than Obama ever was. While that may make think tank militarists, the defense industry, and warmongers in both parties giddy, it is extremely dangerous for the world.

What makes this all the more dangerous is that Democrats, both because of ideology and political maneuvering, have painted themselves into a corner where they cannot possibly provide any meaningful, credible opposition to Trump’s increasingly dangerous path regarding Syria and Russia.



Re: Greenwald addresses your neurosis

So everybody's in on the fact that Operation Desert Stormy wasn't real?

Re: Greenwald addresses your neurosis

Mattis was said to have recommended that Trump get Congressional approval for military action.



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Re: The pee tape pays off

Rodgers, which of the 'I  am' gods is that.

The Jewish one or the Catholic one?


I would have to check but I think the Hindus have a god named 'I Am' too.

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Re: speaking of lyin' horndog crooks

(That is an interesting point which brought back a memory for me as a young fellow many years ago doing a little part time work at a machinery dealer.

Owner/salesman etc. had a customer come in that I recognized as the big operator with the religious signs on his farms praising his god.

When the customer left the owner came back where we were working and said 'got rid of him, priced it so high he will not be back. You can not make any money off him because he will find some way to steal something from you.')


In this little anti-religious fiction piece of yours, did you turn to this owner / salesman and say, "you moron, why didn't you give him a price that you would be happy with and he could take it or leave it like you do everyone else - hey owner/ salesman, grow a pair of er grow a backbone".


"I recognized as the big operator with the religious signs on his farms praising God" what does that have to do with the owner / salesman being a moron and getting rid of a customer; and just for kicks, what did those religious signs say? how many were there? was the big operator, with the religious signs praising God, "one of those people" that attended church?

Wasn't one of those scary "I'm Pro-Life" signs was it? or "March for Life", oh wait, that's bad, he should of wrote "March for our Lives", that's good.


What all has this this big operator, with the religious signs praising God, stolen; did the owner / salesman file a police report for all those items that the big operator, with the religious signs praising God, stole; was the big operator, with the religious signs praising God, tried & convicted for constantly stealing stuff? 







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Re: speaking of lyin' horndog crooks

So he discriminated against that farmer because of religion. I thought you people had a problem with discrimination. Is it ok when you do it?

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Re: speaking of lyin' horndog crooks

Edmund it was pure capitalism.


The guy with billboard sized signs with biblical quotes on them had several on different farms and the owner of the implement business had lost money on many shady happenings with this guy and knew he was better off without him as a customer OR if he paid the quoted price he had a reserve built in to cover what experience taught him was likely going to come.


The guy with the religious signs  could not be trusted, that is all there is to it.

Just believing in a magical being does not make a person 'good'.

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Re: speaking of lyin' horndog crooks

No discrimination involved Allen.

he just quoted him a price that would leave enough profit that he could still cover what experience had shown him would happen later.


The guy could pay or go to another dealer and it was his history that caused the high price not his religion.