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hey bart

Missed saying anything earlier, hope you two have a wonderful trip.


What sort of arrangements have you made for phones? We're going to be over there later in the fall and I'm trying to get some stuff figured out.



Veteran Advisor

Re: hey bart

When I renewed my ATT contract and got a new iphone, I had them unlock my old phone and will buy prepaid sim card or cards.  Will turn off cellular data and roaming on my new phone and will not use it for anything but connecting to wifi when available.  Will let you know more in detail when we return in Nov.  We got to the ship tomorrow.  We are at my brother's in MA right now.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: And, or

We can`t miss you if you don`t leave and about that return ticket, you pensioners are only given one-way the fine print  🙂    Have a good time.