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The power of exaggeration

Wealth redistribution.


People thinking that wages being increased by 10 or 15 percent equates to wealth redistribution  where we take warren and Bills enormous wealth and divide it up equally amongst our 320 million citizens. That's what the argument is against pay raises.


Same sex marriages


People thinking that all citizens should experience the liberty of family tradition no matter who they love or what their sexual preferrences.  The anti's argue that will open the door to beastiality or pediphilia or whatever wild assed notion that comes to contorted  minds.


Social programs


People thinking that government involvement in public schools or a united national effort to provide healthcare to it's people equates to a marxist take over of government to a full blown communist state.


All of these folks have been schooled by a modern day Joseph Goebbles aka Rush Limbaugh that has mastered the art of gross exaggeration as part and parcel of a supposedly  intelligent rebuttal. The sliming of individuals and diminishing their patriotism as a part of a political dialogue.



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Flatland Hillbilly
Senior Contributor

Re: The power of exaggeration

Ever?.....would you stake everything you own to guarantee that?


Re: The power of exaggeration


I think you're exaggerating about government and schools and Lushmo doesn't speak for everyone who wishes to seperate National/Federal intrusion into Local Control.  The Feds limit and regulate knowledge politically.  The best way is local control, it's cheaper, removing a very large and expensive bureacracy will mean more money to spend on education and lower the control of the goodytwoshoes..

Senior Advisor

Re: The power of exaggeration

What impact would it have had on public schools if not for Brown versus the board of education. I think that many states would never have integrated public schools.