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Senior Advisor

The "Rebellion" is spreading, ....

 And Abbott & Paxton launch their crackdown.  As new cases in Texas blow past 17,000, hospitalizations surge past 10,000, and not anywhere near enough doctors and nurses to treat the seriously ill, local officials are reclaiming the authority to take public measures in a desperate attempt to deal with the looming catastrophe.

 Meanwhile, Abbott & Paxton go to court to stop local officials from requiring people to wear masks in public and in schools.  Paxton says we can't have a lot of little dictatorships.  Local authorities ignore them.

  "Little dictatorships"?  One has to ask the question why, when that was the law until just recently when for a hundred years local officials had exactly that authority to respond to local emergencies in just that way.

  So now instead of little dictatorships, Texas has one big dictatorship.

  Some in the republican party, in the name of zealotry, have gone "bat***** crazy".