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Honored Advisor

Re: Some Sensitive Folks

Knapper Knapper Knapper, you said nothing in your top orginal post about "Hey look guys, look at this silly story making the rounds that I saw on Facebook"  Nope, you let everyone go at each other`s throats for 4 hours before saying you saw it on Facebook.  Your top post is to yahoo quoting the leftwing blogispheres.  You said nothing that it was a "fluff issue" at the begining.  Here`s a link from your orginal yahoo link asking "if apologies will be coming Palin`s way??".

Look Knapper that`s cool that you`re a liberal but at least be a fair minded one.

As far as `death panels` we can`t afford to give 105 yr olds new hips, by not doing that it can be construed as a death sentence.  As Papawheely says we have `em now. Obamacare proponents didn`t want to admit to it, but yes Obamacare or whatever care will have to ration and to someone against that (fill in the blank)care they can legitimately call it death panels. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Some Sensitive Folks

Sometimes the  surgeon will say, "yes he needs a hip replacement, but it is doubtful that he will survive the procedure. That is the type of decisions that families have to make and they are not easy." I wonder how government or private insurers justify making those decisions for patients when they have a financial motivation for their decision.


BTW...Just because the government or an insurance company denies coverage , that doesn't mean it cannot go forward. One might argue that since people smoke or use controlled substances it hardly makes sense for policy holders to pay to repair folks that are prone to ruining their own health. Why not repair a 100 year old that is trying to be healthy instead of a 50 year old that is recklessly using tobacco and alcohol?


It's funny how it always gets down to money. The nation in it's entirity cannot afford health care for all. BUT somehow individuals are supposed to bear the burden independently. What it is really about is the haves and the healthy do not want to pay for health care for the have nots or the frail. Even if it would cost them less money.