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Re: The "stay at home" hoax

No, staying at home in of itself isn`t a hoax...yeah if you can have 6 months of food and toilet paper, spray everything with Lysol every hour and don`t accept packages or get within 100 feet of another human and you won`t catch covid-19.

What I`m saying is, I don`t see the DIFFERENCE in Iowa and Minnesota conducting themselves.  Minnesota has the big whoopty-do "settle in place" order and Iowa doesn`t however Iowans stay at home and whatnot with no discernible difference to Minnesotans in their daily life. bars, dine-in restaurants, nick nack shops, barber shops are closed in BOTH states.

Here is the news story about speeding drivers that I was referring to, though I haven`t noticed any of it myself.  


The Minnesota State Patrol is reporting more drivers are hitting speeds in triple digits.  

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Even though there are far fewer people driving on Minnesota roads because of the stay at home order, the state patrol said the number of fatal crashes has doubled within the past few weeks, compared to last years numbers.

While many of you can stay at home, that's not an option for law enforcement.


Sgt. Troy Christianson said troopers are still out there patrolling just as much as they were before the pandemic started. "Nothings changed with the state patrol," explained Sgt. Christianson. "Our staffing has remained the same and we continue to enforce all traffic laws and respond to calls."

What is changing though is the number of fatalities.

Sgt. Christianson explained statewide, crashes between March 16th and April 3rd are down compared to last year, but the number of fatal crashes went from 12 to 24. If you've recently driven on Highway 52 or Highway 14 in Rochester, you might have noticed the new signs that read, "Slow down. Save ICU beds for COVID-19."

Speeding is illegal regardless, but Sgt. Christianson said now is an even more crucial time to prevent from getting into a crash. "They need to reduce speeds just to prevent from being involved in crashes and going to the hospital and using resources that can be used in other ways," said Sgt. Christianson.

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Re: The "stay at home" hoax

Does that say anything about

Iowa Smiley Happy