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greenhouse man
Senior Contributor

The real difference between Conservatives and Liberals......

This is what I have always thought. We conservatives view government as the problem and Liberals view the government as charity. They view it this way IMO because they don't have to feel guilty about their lack of giving.They also feel good about making us "evil" people give to their charity. Below is my response to a *&^%$^ that believes that SS is charity. Even though we are forced to give into it and we are entitled to get it back. This is what "they" consider charity?????


"Well aren't we just the expert? You, sir, seem to think you know all the answers, right? Well, I've got a little news break for you there, son. You don't know squat. I'm sorry your folks spent any of their hard earned money for your education, they got gypped.

So the Salvation Army returns 900 dollars of every 1000 dollars it takes in? You seem to think that is a real accoplishment? What if I told you Social Security uses less than 0.9 percent of total spending on administration? To privatize Social Security it would cost 5 cents for every dollar spent, you think that is a bargain?"


You have got to be kidding me???????????? This is your reply? When the hell did SS become charity????? We all are forced to pay into it and we are supposed to get it back. They deserve a medal for this??????? I almost laughed myself of my chair when I read this. What If I told "you" that LBJ put the SS funds into the general accounting funds so he and others could get at the big pile of cash "we" had all been forced to give? What if I told you that every time since when our government had "projected" surpluses it was always SS funds that made this surplus? You need to learn how to read more than huffing post and media matters.

And more importantly, what if I told you your SS money now only exists on paper because of both parties spending it out of existence. It truly amazes me how dumb the "smart" people are. You call me crazy for believing in God, but you believe in this????

I'm not rich, but I want to be. And then I'll be able to give to more of those "nuts" you guys speak of.