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The red neck factor

First, I want to give my sincere condolences to those whole lost loved ones in the event in Los Vegas. Also my hope and prayer

that those injured will heal soon and quickly and have a minium impact on their lives.

This was a terrible of which there is no logic nor reason, nor a way to explain, that a human went nuts, and

killed and injured a number of his fellow human beings.


I don't want this post to belittle anyone impacted by this evet, but a comment on us, as a society so to speak.


The firearms used in this event were of big guns, no little .22 that we use to shoot cans, target practice, or use birdshot

in an old single shot to help control the mouse and rat population..


this was a little big bigger shells.  Also, from listening to the tape, some must have been motified to be automatic, went on too long

to empty a clip. I'll admit, I've never seen a 308 semi automatic.



but here is the talking point going ahead.  Trump was elected, in part in supporting the gun owners, etc.

This was the biggest type of incident of it's kind in the history of the united states.

There are calls for gun control now.

But here is the twist.  This was a country music concert....not a pop or hip hop.....these were red necks, and the

red necks voted for trump in part due to the gun issue.

but now, these were the very people that we're injured and killed.

We heard of above and beyond stories of people helping people, and in the rural/country moral/etho's,

protection of women and children first.  Several stories of men helping young girls over fences first, or using

their bodies as a shield to protect their wife or girlfriend, sister or cousin.

And some died, or seriously injured due to their actions.


How will this play out......will the "red necks" come out and be for gun control

This will be very close to the demographics that are the strongest against gun control.


Just to be fair and honest.  I've been around guns all my life.  my favorite is a 22 rifle.  I personally don't

even consider a 22 a gun, ive shot them since in grade school.  My dad loved his hunting.  He enjoyed

deer hunting, and had an assortment of long rifles, also coyote gun.

both of us had a pistol and revolver, but never bigger than a 22.  both of us didn't understand why you needed a

handgun that had a barrel big enough to put your little finger down.  They were no good at hunting, about broke

your wrist when you shoot them.  We figured the only 2 people that hand any business having one was plumbers

and electricans, so they could make holes.


I hate to use the term, "interesting to see how things turn out, but as I said, a number of people are dead and others hurt for

life, and people will ask questions, about our society and the role of firearms in it.  But remember, the very one's

aginst gun control, were the ones attacked.


again, my sincere condolences of those who lost ones, and my thoughts and prays are wih those injured, and their

familys and loved ones.





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Re: The red neck factor

What you witnessed today is the price of freedom.

Re: The red neck factor

I call it domestic terrorism. But since it was an old white guy , yes by all means let’s take our time in classifying it. I don’t think in other cases you have called it the price of freedom....

Re: The red neck factor

Yes, martyrs for your right to entertain paranoid fantasies.

Senior Advisor

Re: The red neck factor

Terrorism has a cause. So far no one has figured out what this animal's cause is. What did he hope to gain?

Senior Advisor

Re: What's at stake

This is a difficult subject.

This person had a reason for doing what he did, what the idea

is, and how valid it was, we will never know.  He could have

had some sort of wacko idea about something, but usually

those "do it in the name of something"....and try to communicate

that.  I don't understand this person tho (which is good), having

explosives, what did he think he was going to do ??


3020 hit upon something that has been in the back of my mind for a number

of years.  This is the price of freedom.  To a certain extent, that is correct.

For a number of years now, I've watched in amazement about security.

Today we have to have "papers" to travel, must be patted down,

x-rayed, etc, etc, to get on a plane.  All due to this peole on 9/11

that attacked us.

But the thing that gets me, all this security we have now. if we had

the same systems in place, they would have got away with it

anyhow.  The people that did that didn't bring on any weapons,

or fluids in a shampoo bottle, or any of that.

To me, I think a significant numbers of our freedoms were done

away with.

I think trump will do something on gun control......he just about has too.

This is a historic event.  Plus, add in all the "favors" he is going to need

later, I think he'll do something.....why I don't know.  It might be someone

on machine guns, something that will not have a big impact  on a few people,

but still can save face saying he did something.


As far as worry about his supporters, I seriously doubt. He has changed directions

so many times, I doubt if it bothers him, and after all the stuff going on, I really

don't think he wants to run again.


That's how I see it thru my cracked crystal ball.