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The shop lifter

The dispicable creap that was killed by the over zealous police officers in Missouri had his body autopsied funded by the deceased's family. I guess the politzie are still trying to stack the evidence to prove their officer blameless or justified.


Anyway, the family autopsy found the deceased was struck by 6 bullets. One of which went through the palm of his hand indicating that that his hands were raised in surrender.  One of the bullets entered his skull from the top in a vertical direction indicating that the deceased may have been shot as he lay prone upon the ground. I guess the shooter wanted him dead and wanted to make sure he stayed dead.


I guess one could justify such action if the young male was armed or a phyical threat to the gunman.  


Like rand paul said that had he been hassled by a cop in his youth, it is likely that he may have responded with some juvanile smart remark, but he wouldn't have expected to be executed for that.


Vision if you can a police officer killing a unarmed white kid in you neighborhood because he was disrespectful. Would that get you agitated especially if it was an ongoing occurrance?

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Flatland Hillbilly
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Re: The shop lifter

Pretty sure I wouldn't rob, pillage, and burn my town for several days there...Donny.  Have you ever had a huge guy possibly on drugs rush you?  If it ever happens just remember you'll appear alot less racist if you just let him pulverize and possibly kill you.

gough whitlam
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Re: The shop lifter

Good one don. Watch these racist haters buckle now.
Veteran Advisor

Re: The shop lifter

Hey fartie how do you know he was rushing the cop? I thought the cop said the kid jumped him IN the car---at first! The kid allegedly stole $4-$5 worth of **bleep**ty cigars. Not an executable offense!!