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Re: The silence is deafening

Yeah, well, do what Cruz said. Check them all out.

BA Deere
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Re: The silence is deafening

I`m sure crack and hookers are expensive, gotta pay for it somehow.


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Re: Hey Gerbil Head, "moved them in 2010", so ...

.. Biden had been VP for what 12 months maybe, if the FBI found a total of 13 at Biden's home from 2020, how many would he have had ten years earlier, one maybe?

And then, "Hunter is already tied to his father’s mishandling of classified documents".  There's no evidence that Hunter even knew there were any "classified documents" at his father's home. I doubt very much if Hunter was smart enough to even guess they were there.

  And then, 1850 boxes of "sensitive Obama-Biden transition papers".  They aren't transition papers until Biden finishes the job in 2020, ten years later.

  Deafening silence alright!  This whole article is baseless supposition and innuendo.  Come back when you got something.

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Re: Hey Gerbil Head, ...

... you f***'n gerbil head.