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The simple rhetorical trick that Lincoln used

that led to the Civil War. Or at least hastened it.

In his 1858 Senate debates with Douglas, it was Douglas' opinion that slavery in new territories should be decided by the vote- "local sovereignty".  Linclon got him to admit that, yes, that should be the standard where slavery currently existed as well.

That was something the small slaver oligarchy was never going to risk- local and state abolition (their proppity)- and it destroyed Douglas' position as likely Democratic presidential nominee in '60, and fractured the party into thirds.

Lincoln was elected with 39% of the vote, and the secessions began.

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Senior Advisor

Re: The simple rhetorical trick that Lincoln used

The slaver oligarchy was in some ways similar to the oil oligarchy that runs TX.

Even though oil and gas is the largest single industry it is actually just a small fraction of a large and sophisticated economy.

But if they felt threatened enough, they would push secession, and let the rest of the people get killed, at least metaphorically.

Senior Advisor

Re: "Let the rest get killed"? Or just freeze to death.

Amounts to the same thing.