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The smoking gun uncovered

people, I just read something that screams that there is a huge problem in Washington.....I'm not posting thing just

to throw mud at trump.......this is something from a bad movie or book......or nightmare.


This is from the WASHINGTON POST....I wish I could do a link, but the link is too long for me.  It is in todays issue, and

It is what Bannon said at the conservative meeting.........


if this does not send chills down your spine....I don't know what will.......


Bannon:  Trump administration is in unending battle for "deconstruction of the administrative state".......


so there you have it folks..........he want's to change our form of government.......


if that isn't bad enough, the white house asked the FBI to squash the investigation into the ties trump people have with Russia.....


can you believe that.....asking it to be squashed.....if that does not indicate guilt, I don't know what.


If there is nothing there, like they keep saying, why would they want it squashed.......they should greet it with open arms to


prove they are right......


not to mention the questions, of both procedure and legal about the white house even asking it not be investigated......


Chunk.......where's a good place to settle in the northland ?


I'm sorry, but this is getting spooky.........they want to tear down the government, and then don't want to be investigated......


I would have never dreamed I would ever see such a thing happening.......and the thing that makes me just sick,


all the people that keep supporting this........ many say trump is a good businessman, how he had the best on his advisory group, such as tesla....i've


heard tesla mentioned several times........seems like tesla might be like tweetypie.......getting ready to file


for chapter 11 ?



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Re: The smoking gun uncovered

Is this the link to the Washington Post?


Yes long, use copy and paste and it does not matter how long it is.




Re: The smoking gun uncovered

I may regret it but I still have a hard time taking the recent former editor of The Pederasty Times that seriously.

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Re: The smoking gun uncovered

yes, that is the one, thank you.

I use a laptop most of the time, and it doesn't have a mouse, and doesn't have any "pads" other than the one big one you

use with your finger.  I try to double click, and it goes right to that site, and doesn't paste anything.......but you know,

they tell us, there is a reason for everything......maybe, for some reason, i'm not "supposed to cut and paste", or "drag"

things about.......imagine what it would be like if I could make links to all the stuff I would read !!


I have to say, a lot of this is bothering me.  I was raised that you respect your might not agree with everything they

do, but, in general, you are to support them........but all of this stuff going on, all the questions, all the anger, they can't get their

facts straight, and they come right out and lie......I just have a feeling that something is afoot.....I've never had this feeling before.

I keep hearing it's the press.........logic tells me, that it can't be every network, every paper, everyone, save one, FOX, is the

only honest one........and even the fox people are questioning.


what good does it do for me to spout off here....I don't know, maybe "getting my opinion out there, and maybe help some

understand that maybe things not as they appear......does that make me happy, no.  I could imagine, if I strongly felt about

something, and supported it, and then find something not right.....I understand.....and we shouldn't "rub it in"  They really

thought it was right.


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Re: The smoking gun uncovered

The administrated state is where the president tells all school districts they must allow boys in the girls locker rooms. Deconstructing that states sends those decisions to the local school boards. Like it used to be.


Re: The smoking gun uncovered

Tough to imagine a full implementation of the fascism that Bannon and 30 say that they desire in describing their complaints, but anarchy isn't as foggy a notion. That can have any outcome, the winning one likely quite random/unpredictable. Probably depends on who gets caught holding the bag when the smoke clears. 


Bannon obviously feels strongly enough about achieving what he envisions and desires to sacrifice democracy at the altar of it. We've generally been able to avoid that getting very close to that happening.

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Re: The smoking gun uncovered

Deconstructing the administrative states means moving power out of Washington. Then if the EPA wants to regulate the water running down your drive way they have to have an act of congress first. They way it used to be. Or if the president wants to sign a climate change treaty with other countries congress has to ratify it not have a super majority to nullify it, the way things used to be.

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what was the smoking gun?

Must have missed it. 


You do know there has been allot of debate over the years about the imperial presidency?  Right?


Re: The smoking gun uncovered

Does President Dumbo have any clue that when he lashes out about leaks he is effectively confessing to what his people have been up to?

He changed the mantra to "It's the leaking, not what's in the leaks." A couple of weeks ago. Now that the "what's in them" bit borders on serious criminality, that could well bite the entire outfit in the butt. Particularly now that Bannon has declared the desirability of a cloistered police state

Same GOPers can't stand along that forever.
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Re: The smoking gun uncovered

Illegal leaks need to be stopped, and those leaking the information need to be held accountable.  That said, true "whistle-blowers" need protection, and information in leaks that appear to report illegal activities should be investigated as to fact and legality.


As for some "smoking gun" regarding the "administrative state", I guess I missed something (will look and see what I missed later).  The "administrative state", in my opinion, refers to the unelected officials, the alphabet soup of agencies and administrative functions, plus the judicial system, that seems to have expanded into the creation of "laws" (via expansion and interpretation) over the years, not just implementation and enforcement of laws that were properly defined and enacted thru Congress, and signed by the President.  As the authorities of the "administrative state" are squeezed back to their intended purposes, those affected will fight back to try to protect their opinions, their own little kingdoms, and perhaps even their jobs.


"Deconstructing the administrative state", unless I've missed something big, is not about "changing our form of government", it is about bringing our government under control, returning law-making to the hands of our elected representatives, and removing some of the public bloat from the payroll.