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bruce MN

The “sticker” on the agreement

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Senior Contributor

Re: The “sticker” on the agreement

This gets funnier and funnier!! Sean Hannity, believes he has power over this president?? What a HOOT!! If this is all it takes to sway this president's thinking, he isn't much of a president!! 

Senior Contributor

Re: The “sticker” on the agreement

Oh he is 'President' GTO but not much of a leader, just a follower of who ever spoke last.

Veteran Advisor

Re: The “sticker” on the agreement

Just the idea that he is out trying to raise campaign money when there is a major “emergency” going on, is story enough!! Someone at the White House should look up the definition of “emergency” and then tell trumper! If there REALLY was an emergency shouldn’t action have been started several weeks ago??