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The stock market and neoliberal fascism

Reagan was the founding father but all the presidents since have had to play the game of making the stock market go up for the appearance of a robust economy.


Clinton didn't start it but he and Greenspan certainly rode the sweet spot- Our Discontents were already brewing and he only survived on account of a crazy stock mania.


Anyway, the notion was that gubmint could do everything to favor corporations and finance over the people at large but they'd get it back through the Ownership Society.


Problem was that 90% were too dumb to hit that 6 inch putt.


The wholly predictable response has been to blame it on furriners* and people of color (and wiccan women!) and try to hold on with an angry near majority.


Of course when the "rinse repeat" cycle once again kicks in, everybody but a few short sellers are going to suffer for it. And there will be calls to save us with even purer "capitalism."


*true enough, to a point. But more of a second order.

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Re: The stock market and neoliberal fascism

your post reminds me of GTO and how he kept repeating "you're gonna hate November....har har har"


but you do remind me that I should pull out enough stock money to buy another pickup truck...sure beats that 1.8 percent interest, right?

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Re: The stock market and neoliberal fascism

You would think after all your years of financial failure that you would have figured out how to make a living instead of begging for hand outs.

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Re: The stock market and neoliberal fascism

A wiseman used to say "don`t mix your politics with your economics".  but I suppose that`s easy advice when one of your own is in the whitehouse.    


Yes, the stock market has been too high for too long and now the fed is trying to sabotage the POTUS that they (globalists) don`t like, so they take away the 0% interest rate punchbowl.  This was always the risk of someone draining the swamp, the alligators take a bite out of your rearend if you break up their happy home.


Re: The stock market and neoliberal fascism

I didn't bother to read, but yes


you and your small cohort are the most special of all Americans and no matter how much you are given you are always the Real Victims.