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The thing about waterboarding

whether or not it constitutes torture.


Give a modestly accomplished practitioner our POTUS, 2 mid-major sized linebackers, a board, sawhorse, bucket and towel. Some rope.


Also a piece of paper that says:


I Donald Trump, do solemly swear that I was involved in the human trafficking of the illegal immigrant Melania Knauss into the United States for purposes of prostitution and later married her to as to give the false impression of my nearly non-existent masculinity.








In an hour it'll be signed, guaranteed.

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Re: The thing about waterboarding

 no way , he has a high T count , remember...... even though the evidence suggests otherwise.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: The thing about waterboarding

yes torture gets you 'alternate' facts but then we have that with your president without even tortureing him.

Re: The thing about waterboarding

As I noted yesterday, OBL was indicted in absentia for the embassy and Cole bombings but never indicted for 9/11.


Reason being was that the only evidence against him was a confession from a prisoner who was waterboarded on 80 different occasions*- which is not admissable, for good reason.


I suppose our Cornpone Nazis want the Orange Psycho to have that power, but I'll pass. I think Mom and Dad made me strong enough to handle the truth, whatever it might be.


*good enough to form most of the findings of the 9/11 Commission but not for a Court of Law.